Steel finishing


EmbossingMG F.lli Mori is able to outsource finishing with punching, etching, embossing and cold-stamping.

The MG is an artisanal company with a flexible and versatile production system, able to meet every need, for quantities, large and small lots, for quality and delivery times.

MG f.lli Mori benefits from the collaboration of the best specialists for design and production of stamps and equipment and, being located in Lumezzane, the undisputed home of stainless steel finishing, has access to mastery, knowledge and skills recognized as the best internationally, without giving up the style and quality of Made in Italy, another brand with worldwide recognition.

60 ton PressWe outsource finishing with stamping, cold embossing and punching on steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum. We can perform all the finishing automatically (for large series) or manually for small series, pre-series and sample . We can also create items from the Customer’s designs, providing quotes and cost calculations and following, through our collaborating firms, the design of stamps and the engineering of the production process.

Our machines include:

  • eccentric mechanical presses with powers from 15 tons to 100 tons
  • screw presses (Rockers) with screw diameters from 110 mm to 210 mm and powers from 115 tons to 400 tons.